so much to sea

Training & Jobs

The seafood industry supports a wide range of careers and it’s not just about life at sea. Many opportunities are available for both men and women to pursue.

There is scope to develop a varied and meaningful career in the associated sectors on shore, such as: animal health and welfare, aquaculture,business management, engineering, food services, processing, science, and sales and marketing.

The NAFC Marine Centre in Scalloway offers a range of courses designed to provide students with an overview of what is involved in a seafood related career as well as equip them with some of the practical skills and qualifications required.

As well as specific skills and qualifications, the seafood industry also welcomes the right attitude:


  • Good problem solvers
  • Great team players
  • Enjoy working outdoors
  • Ability to work flexibly and under pressure
  • Capacity to adopt a flexible working approach
  • Business minded
  • Practical outlook
  • Willingness to learn

The following jobs all play their part in the success of the Shetland Seafood sector:

Site workers, Farm managers, Directors, Administrators, Quality Control Inspectors, Packers, Processors, Production, Supervisors, Cleaners, Health and Safety Officers, Sales Executives, Association Officers, Training Officers, Environmental Officers, Plant Hire Operators, Ship Chandlers Waste Disposal, Workers, Bankers, Solicitors, Boatmen, Consultants, Lecturers, Clerical Workers, Dockers, Mechanics, Hydrographers, Marine Surveyors, Net Washers, Marine Biologists, Laboratory, Technicians, Feed Manufacturers, Veterinary Surgeons, Insurance Agents, Box Manufacturers, Net Makers Net Menders, Engineers, Welders, Boat Builders Drivers, Oil Suppliers, Ice Suppliers